Noodle Box Salads (Minimum x 5 per flavour)

Noodle Box Salads (Minimum x 5 per flavour)

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Smoked salmon with quinoa, kale, grilled haloumi, pickled fennel, turmeric nuts & seeds, creamy ranch dressing GF


Poached chicken & pear salad with rocket  grilled haloumi & walnuts (GF)


Grilled chicken with brown rice, broccoli, basil pesto, peas, parmesan, cottage cheese, truffle oil GF


Crunchy slaw with sesame tofu, cashews, mint, pickled ginger, bok choy, wasabi mayo GF, VEGAN


Rare roast beef with grilled eggplant, artichokes, garlic yoghurt, rocket, basil, beans, dukkah,  GF