Christmas Meal Kit -Christmas Glazed Ham & Eye Fillet

Christmas Meal Kit -Christmas Glazed Ham & Eye Fillet

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All of our meal kits come ready to serve or with simple instructions to put together or reheat/cook. They all include homemade condiments that compliment the meals delicously


Prawn rice cakes with cucumber relish (GF)

Baby open tarts topped with whipped feta, slow roasted tomatoes and basil pesto 

Spinach roulade with smoked salmon & horesradish cream cheese (GF)


Eye fillet with carmelised onion & jus (GF) sent seared for you to cook or fully prepared and serve cold

Honey & Mustard Glazed Champagne Ham (GF) sent with extra glaze ready to reheat

Potato Gratin (GF)

Candied Pumpkin & kumara (GF)

Asparagus, courgette & mint salad (GF)


Strawberry & lemon Cake served with berry coulis & whipped cream 

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